Esmaraldus Viva La Viva

Our Lovely British Girl Viva la Viva Was Born In Our Cattery. Esmaraldus Carmen and Esmaraldus Harisson are her parents. She Is one year and 3 months today, She Has Coby Type, Round Head, very good plush coat And Amazing Round Green Eyes. She Is so Quiet girl. She Likes To Be With All Our Family, especially with Michelle our daughter. Play With Cat Toys. She is going to be a mum this month first time.

Type: British Shorthair (BRI) 
Date Of Birthday: 18.10.2019 
Color: Black Golden Ticked Tabby (Ny25)
Sire: Esmaraldus Harisson (Ay25)
Queen: Esmaraldus Carmen(Ny22 64)
Breeder: Porter Michael&Angela
Owner: Porter Michael&Angela

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