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Cat Food Rating – How To Choose Recommended Foods

Cats are a wonderful and sweet pet but when it comes to eating, they can be very stubborn.

Our aspiration as their owners and those who need to nurture and grow them is to know that we are there for them and that we provide them with everything they need to live healthy and last for days.

That’s how we, egoists, want them to spend as much time with us as possible and enjoy them as much as possible.

One of the main pillars of cat health is undoubtedly their diet, which enters their body and provides them with energy, vitamins, and minerals.

The effect of food on the cat’s physical condition is very significant, quality food, good and recommended will keep the cat graceful and healthy for years and poor quality food can cause the cat a lot of medical problems and frequent visits to the vet.

Food rating for cats in Israel and worldwide

Cat owners in Israel and around the world are looking for an authoritative source that will rate the quality of foods according to their components, similar to the international dog food advisor website.

As of this writing, we do not know of an objective and reliable site that provides quality reviews on cat food.

Therefore, there is no substitute for a deep understanding of the recommended ingredients in cat food so that you can look at the back of the pack and decide on your own and without any foreign considerations, what food is best for your cat.

Nature of Cat Nutrition

Wild cats are great hunters, their main diet comes from what they can hunt and catch, they will eat all kinds of animals to fill most of their menu, most of their energy coming from protein and fat which consists of the animal they ate.

From this, we conclude that we must provide a cat with food that is similar to its natural tendency as possible, and if a cat can place food that emphasizes different ancestors than we mentioned such as carbohydrates, we may harm it.

Importance of protein source as a major component

The most important component for cats is undoubtedly the protein, the animal protein provides the cat with most of its energy and needs to reach meat or fish.

We choose food for the cat, the first thing will be to make sure that at the top of the ingredient list we will see meat or fish, of course, the best ingredient will be fresh meat, followed by dried meat, followed by all kind of flour and the least quality, most processed and least recognized ingredient will be by-products Of meat.

The closer the meat is to its natural form and the less it has been processed the better it will be for the cat, the ambition is that the food will contain the high quality and selected portion of the animal rather than cheap meat leftovers from industrial plants.

Healthy cats need at least 30% protein in food, cat puppies need even more and as the cat grows older and becomes an adult cat and then an older cat (over 7 years old) it will need at least protein, every age transition requires a change of food type.

The difficulty of choosing food for the cat

Because we know the working people, we are aware of the fact that we do not always decide which cat food to choose, they can be very picky and stubborn.

Unlike dogs that are relatively easy to choose for their type of food, cats are very careful about the taste and texture of what they have in the bowl.

You will be surprised to find that even high-quality foods, with a high amount of meat and even a significant price tag, are not necessarily welcome in cats.

It is precisely the most favorite foods for cats that contain relatively inexpensive and inexpensive ingredients, probably the secret lies in the mysterious flavors and scents that are added to the food and make it especially stimulating for cats.

In higher-quality foods, the list of ingredients is more transparent and healthy so they will avoid adding those unhealthy chemicals that enhance the taste of the food.

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